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Friday, 13 April 2018


"Might is Right"-- a catch phrase that exist in the era of knowledge economy. Often and a significant number of population become victims of the might. Attrcities against students in terms of physical safety to examination fees and getteing final degree/ certificate from the host institution-- has become so ....where students and their patrents have no choice left to be exploited. 

In order to provide a platform to the parents of students ( either from K-12 or university education) who feel foul play by educational institutions which are highly subject to laws.

Vision: Raising Non violent Voice for truth and justice in Educational Institutions.


Thursday, 24 November 2016



Dear Teacher Educators,

Youth unemployment appears to be critical across nations and raises a set of questions on role and responsibilities of educational institutions, students,teachers,  parents, governance and government. The onus continues to be on teachers and institutions and placing relatively less importance on students from secondary to tertiary level of education. What is important and likely to continue as critical is the role played by the teachers vis-a-vis preparing competent teachers for the country. There is no dearth of deliberations on how to make teaching and teachers effective but the role played by NCTE in bringing transformation in the filed of teacher education in our country is striking and notable. The author firmly believes that "to train teachers is to teach a nation" and continued to contribute towards cause of teacher education. 

You are requested to  navigate the website and get back to this blog after reading precious documents available on the website.

" It is easy to become a doctor or an engineer but is difficult to become an effective and ideal teacher."

Best regards,

PowerPoint presentation on slideshare:


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The present video has immense significance in introducing the concept "cognition"  to undergraduate and post graduate students of education and psychology. In the current age of cutting edge technology, thoughts have become critical and thereby cognitive and meta cognitive psychology are becoming popular since thoughts occupy key role in the performing actions.

Article on Education :

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1) Dr. V. S. Sumi:  The effort of the author  is impressive.
2) Dr. Vijay Waingankar:  The author has tried to create blog in
3) Prashant Kale:  Attempt is excellent. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Questions being frequently asked by NIMS University Distance Learners are as follows:

1. WHAT PROGRAMMES AND COURSES ARE BEING OFFERED THROUGH DISTANCE?             ( Relating to a discipline or branch of knowledge)
2. Am I eligible?
3. What is the duration and course fee?
4.  How to get the application form and where to submit?
5. What are the nearest sources to seek academic support?
6. Do the programmes and courses are recognised by UGC? 
7. May I get jobs in Government Sectors?
8. Do you provide placement support?
9.  How early Can I obtain mark statements and Certificates?  

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Dear NIMS Distance Learners

Being a distant learner, many a times, you are wondering for a reasonable answer of a worthy question-- " how does a distance learner's achievement is assessed or evaluated?" In other words, how does DDE conduct the examination. Please read the followings in order to be acquainted with examination procedure.

Step1: Admission form along with examination forms ( Hard copy) are submitted by the learners  at NIMS University Campus. on requisite course fees and examination fees deposited in the form Demand Draft, reference number of each student is generated and issued to each of the student.

Step-2: Please note that reference number is not the enrollment number or roll number rather an identification number. Filled in forms are to be verified by the Course Coordinator at DDE of NIMS University and after successful examination of the learner's profile, enrollment number is issued to those students who are eligible for pursuing a particular course.

Step-3: On receiving the attendance of learners in Personal Contact Programmes  along with internal awards and other records( such as apprenticeship/ industrial training/internships), Examination Branch( Controller of Examinations) issue the roll number to students.

Step- 4: Practical Examinations are conducted prior to theory examinations and all practical examinations are  to be completed three days before the first date of  theory examinations.

Step-5: Within 100 days from the last theory examination, results of all programmes are published on website. 

The COE is responsible for issuing the mark statements and  degrees to be conferred on learners in the subsequent convocation. 

Monday, 17 October 2011


Dear Prospective Distance Learners,

You are certainly benefited from our NIMS DISTANCE STUDENTS' COMPANION where you find all sorts of information that makes students feel proud. You are empowered now with prerequisites of pursuing a course/program, such as, knowledge and skills up to a desired level in terms of eligibility, program structure, course outline, scheme and evaluation pattern. Our exemplary Question Bank( e-format) has appreciated many of you and there is continuous demands from students and stakeholders  for more and more services and support in this regard.

Once you are acquainted with course outline and schemes, you as a potential learner might be searching for adequate, relevant and valid  sources of knowledge on the course which has been currently pursued by you. Our effort at NIMS for distance learners in the form of THE KNOWLEDGE OASIS is primarily a mode of e-content delivery which is if available in print form then may be called as Self Learning Material world over. The current effort of e-Library Support will facilitate the process of searching more and more on knowledge and skills in one or more areas, exploring innovations and inventions, creation of horizontal and vertical linkages between terminologies, concepts, courses, programs and disciplines at large.

While our effort to make our students independent and empowered with latest developments, we   are honest of acknowledging blog for their contribution towards connecting you with all our ideas and innovations and experimentation. We have not generated anything novel in the contents that are available to you in the form of e-Library Support rather we have collected, scrutinized, validated and then compiled set of information on a course/program. This process will reduce the time wastage on your part while browsing through the internet or websites for material. Some of the times, you might have felt bored while goggling or scanning through or browsing through the websites and suddenly you found server is too slow to download material. Consequently, you land up with no solutions which brings worries and disappointments.

Hence, the current effort at DDE, NIMS University will go a long way in facilitating the process of academic transactions between distance learners and NIMS University. It will have salutary effects on teaching and learning process to prove that all NIMS Distance Learners are self-made, self-monitored   and well networked students who deserve laurels in their entire endeavour. Good Luck.